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Gilbert, AZ Homes For Sale

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Gilbert, Arizona is a fantastic place to raise a family, enjoy the single life, OR retire to! It’s been named one of the safest cities in the USA year-after-year by Wallethub and other various press release companies. It was named the Best city for business in Arizona by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry just recently.  This has attracted a slew of new businesses in recent years making it a great place to relocate to. Its current population is about 250,000 and it’s about 1/4 the size of Chicago. The median age is right around 34 with the median household income hovering around 90 thousand dollars per year. You can expect to find median home values around $315,000 and low property taxes to accompany these properties. Gilbert was recently announced as having the 4th Best School District in America with Gilbert Unified School District hosting 11 A+ School of Excellence. Popular employers include GoDaddy, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Banner Hospitals, Isagenix, Merrill Lynch and Silent-Aire. It’s a fiscally responsible community that has a lot going for its residents. With its strong local economy, you can bet for sure that this will be a great place to call home – especially ten years from now.

Gilbert Regional Park

Did someone say surfing?

The only thing Arizona is missing is a beach. But not anymore! Gilbert Regional Park is currently in its second part of its first phase and during its third phase will feature a waterpark called the Strand. This is expected to open during the summer of 2021 and will feature a sandy beach, cable wake park, surf lagoon, restaurants and more. This water park will be a small part of the 272-acre park currently being constructed. Phase 1B is expected to open in the summer of 2020 and will feature 2 basketball courts, a 7 acre lake, an amphitheater, 16 pickleball courts, 6 tennis courts and 6 sand volleyball courts! How cool!
Currently, it features a 17-foot tall playground called “the Mountain,” a large, 4,000 square-foot, fun-filled splash pad called “the falls,” and even a spot for toddlers to play with a soft ground and wood chips in-between the two other play structures. Parents can hang out here too and grab a seat in the shade under one of the ramadas.

Gilbert's Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

Fun for kids and adults

In the heart of Gilbert lies the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch. If you feel like hiking, but staying close to home, this beautiful wildlife habitat preservation sits in the busier northern section of Gilbert. There’s more than 4 miles of trails to explore for hikers, walkers, runners, bikers and even horseback riders. Dogs are welcome here and there’s even a lake for fishing, campsites and an astronomy observatory open to the public. What else can you expect here? There are over 298 species of birds identified at the Riparian Preserve. This spot is also a family favorite for family photographers – check out Morgan’s site for samples, so expect to see a lot of couples and families here with their favorite family photographer! There is also an outdoor playground for kids and it’s not only fun but different than your typical play area! There’s even a dinosaur dig site! Be sure to check it out if you visit.


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